The Human Balance Between Making and Breaking

Published on 24 August 2023 at 14:53

By Wiley K March



Throughout the ages, us humans have displayed an incredible knack for both creating and tearing things down. From the mind-boggling masterpieces of art and technological wonders to the heart-wrenching conflicts and harm we've caused to the environment, there's no denying our potential. So, here's a little brain teaser for you: Are we better at making stuff or breaking it? In this blog post, we're going to dive into this intricate topic and explore the mix of talents we possess, along with the factors that shape our penchant for either making or breaking things.


Let's talk about creativity – it's like it's ingrained in our DNA. Since way back when, from cave paintings to those jaw-dropping skyscrapers, literature, and tunes that just hit you in the feels, our creative juices have left quite the impression. It's like we're equipped with a magical power to dream up new solutions, express our feelings, and see the world in ways no one else can.


I mean, think about it – we've crafted mind-blowing structures like the Great Wall of China and the enchanting Taj Mahal. We've composed melodies that give you goosebumps and penned stories that make you reflect on life itself. Those innovative ideas have revolutionized how we work, chat, and basically live. Yep, it's all about the creation that lets us turn our dreams into reality and leaves a legacy for our offspring to marvel at.


But hold on a sec, alongside our creative flair, there's also this destructive streak we've got going on. Look back at history, and you'll find a trail of wars, conflicts, and painful events that have caused unimaginable suffering. From ancient monuments getting torn apart in the heat of battle to the devastating aftermath of things like nuclear weapons, it's clear that we've got a talent for causing havoc.


And oh boy, we can't ignore the mark we've made on the environment. With our drive for progress and consumption, we've managed to mess up nature pretty bad. Pollution, climate change, deforestation – all thanks to our unquenchable thirst for advancements. The consequences are glaring – ecosystems are messed up, species are disappearing, and our planet's facing a whole lot of trouble thanks to us.


But here's the twist – creation and destruction aren't always opposites. Creation often emerges as the phoenix from the ashes of destruction. Think about it – after a big mess like a war, societies come together to rebuild and improve. It's like a show of resilience and a commitment to getting things back on track.


Oh, and destruction can also be a bit of a wake-up call. When we see the results of our actions, it nudges us to rethink how we're doing things. Look at the environmental mess we're in – it's sparked worldwide movements for conservation, clean energy, and making sure our planet sticks around for a while longer.


And guess what? We're not just stuck on autopilot here Education, values, and how we're brought up all play a role in whether we lean towards creation or destruction. By nurturing empathy, being compassionate, and taking responsibility, we've got the power to steer our potential in a positive direction.


So, are we better at creating or destroying? It's not a simple answer. As humans, we've got this fascinating ability to do both, and it's like a seesaw that tips one way or the other as time goes by. While we've got that knack for destruction that can be a real challenge, it's our creativity that lets us shine, express ourselves, and shape our world.


In the end, it's up to us to decide how we're gonna use our talents. By embracing our creativity, showing empathy, and understanding that we've got a role in taking care of our planet and our fellow beings, we can lean more towards creation. As we navigate through the hurdles of the modern world, let's use our creative superpowers to build a future that's full of harmony, sustainability, and a big ol' helping of hope.

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