Survivor's Heart


Welcome to Survivor's Heart! Our experienced Team is here to support your healing and recovery from trauma. We provide public speaking, personalized guidance, tools, and resources tailored to your needs. Together, we'll set goals, explore trauma-informed techniques, and offer ongoing support. Join us on a transformative journey towards empowerment and healing.


Some of the programs that are provided by survivor's heart are as follows:

  1. Public speaking
  2. Workshops
  3. Coaching
  4. Mentorship
  5. Classes
  6. Public Advocacy

These services are designed to support individuals in their healing and recovery journey from trauma. The workshops provide a structured environment for learning and growth, while coaching offers personalized guidance and support. Public speaking engagements allow for sharing experiences and raising awareness about trauma-related issues. Mentorship provides one-on-one support and guidance from experienced individuals. Classes offer opportunities for learning specific skills or techniques related to healing from trauma. Finally, public advocacy involves actively promoting and supporting causes related to trauma awareness and support.