Monica Petersen, Haiti, and the Octopus of the Deep State




From Facebook posts, we know that University of Denver Human Trafficking Center Researcher Monica Petersen took a series of trips to Haiti in 2015 and 2016 to investigate human trafficking. We know that she went to talk to Haitian workers, or those very close to them, about working conditions at the Clinton Foundation-sponsored Caracol textile factory in northern Haiti. From a January 2016 Facebook post, we know that Monica Petersen received some kind of report about human trafficking allegedly happening at this Caracol textile factory. Beyond this, we know almost nothing. Petersen officially passed away in Haiti in November 2016, but the circumstances of her death and events leading up to it are still very unclear until this day.


A single Washington Post article from December 2016, is the only article I could find about Monica Petersen's death from any mainstream news agency as of this writing. The silence in the media about Petersen's death in 2016, is both incredibly revealing and disturbing at the same time, potentially telling us a great deal about the true level of censorship we live with in our society. What really happened to Human Trafficking Center Researcher Monica Petersen? Was she correct in her statement before her death that human trafficking was occurring at the Clinton-sponsored Caracol textile factory in Haiti?


There is clearly a very very oddly limited "hodgepodge" of social media information regarding Petersen's death. My search for answers to her death, led me to look deeply into this "hodgepodge" of very limited information. The results of this research is this story. What I found in my opinion only greatly deepened the suspiciousness about Petersen's death, and what her investigation in Haiti may have truly revealed. The blatant media black-out and obfuscation of relevant, publicly available information about Petersen's death is very very striking. It is obvious from reading reporter Glenn Kessler's single 2016 Post article, the only mainstream press about Monica Petersen's death to this date, that Kessler is misrepresenting and omitting from disclosure, highly relevant social media posts about Petersen's investigation into the Clinton-sponsored Caracol factory in Haiti. It is also worth mentioning that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Glenn Kessler in his duties as reporter traveled with Clinton frequently and "for several years wrote a blog about his experiences on those trips."


In this article, I seek to expose to the best I can, the full scope of the publicly available, relevant social media posts that shine light on Petersen's human trafficking investigation and her death in Haiti. As can be clearly seen in these online postings, some of the key people involved in these communications, were decidedly left-wing, social justice-oriented activists, not the sort of people you could label as right-wing, pro-Trump QAnon conspiricists. Facebook posts about Monica Petersen's death were shared predominately on right-wing, pro-Trump message boards and other social media sites after her death in November 2016. However, just because these messages were shared mostly on these kinds of sites, does not change the content of the messages themselves, nor the background of the activists who posted the messages.


The subsequent media silence about the circumstances of Petersen's death, may speak volumes about the level of criminality against the people of Haiti Monica Petersen was seeking to expose.